The A to Z of Jimmy Watson's secret project to build a giant robotic dinobot ant - and to Father Christmas to make his dreams come true, and give Anthony life






Jimmy Watson is not interested in building a very large robot, but is keen to see that other people have done just that.



DINOSAURS - Roamed the earth about 65,000,000 million years ago. They are synonymous with large objects, and many animatronic robots have been built for museums, events and other displays.






Anthony - The Dinobot in this story

Antarctic - South pole

Arctic - North pole

Arduino - micro computer

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Big Hero 6 - Walt Disney animation

Blade Runner 1982 Sci-fi - Ridley Scott


Chappie - 2015 Sci-Fi

Chatbots - Bard & Bing by Google and Microsoft

Christmas Films - Index of festive pictures

Computers - Electronic microprocessors


Dinosaurs - Very large creatures that roamed the earth millions of years ago

Electronics -

Elf - 2003 Christmas movie starring Will Ferell

Empire of the Ants - H. G. Wells, movie starring Joan Collins

Engineering - Making things, mostly out of metals

Ex Machina - 2015 sci-fi AI humanoids

Father Christmas

Geeks - People who are into learning

Giant Robot Ant - Antics, Arduino, Armour, Black box, Electronics, Head, Gimbals, Jaws, Legs, Motors, Radio control, Raspberry Pi

                         Sentry mode, Software, Soldier animatronics, Sound proofing, Space rovers, Speed, Suspension, Tail

                         Walking mechanics, Wargaming, Weapons

Gladiator - 2000 movie, Russel Crowe

Hailsham - A market town in Sussex, Merry Olde England

Hard drives - Old fashioned spinning disc based computer memory storage devices

Herstmonceux - A special village in Sussex, England

Ho, ho, ho - The signature laugh of Santa Claus

Intelligence - The ability of a biological organism or electronic machine, to understand their world and solve problems

Invisibility - Camouflage or light bending, such as to fool the eye and remain undetected, as with Chameleons

I,Robot - Isaac Asimov based film - 3 laws safe robotics

Jameson Hunter Limited -

Jimmy Watson - The robotics prodigy in this story

Jingle All The Way - 1996 Christmas film starring Arnold Schwazenegger

Jingle Bells - A classic Christmas song

Kings Charles III - The Head of State in the United Kingdom

Life - What is a living thing?

Magic - The world of illusion, tricks, conjuring, spells & potions

Marion Watson - Retired teacher & fine artist

Naughty Lists - Badly behaved children get no presents or wishes

Nice Lists - Well behaved children get present and dreams come true

North Pole - The Arctic, where Santa Claus has his workshops

Ordinary - Something that is not unusual, hence is commonplace

Programming - Code that is used to make computers do things

Queen Camilla - Consort (companion) to King Charles III


Raspberry Pi - Micro computer

Real Steel - 2011 sci-fi boxing robots

Robotics - A to Z

Santa Claus - A fictional character based on Saint Nicholas

Sectasaur - A giant extinct Antarctic insect

SIM cards - Subscriber Identity Modules & PIN Personal Identification Numbers

Smart phones - Mobile telecommunications devices with computer apps & cameras

Solid State Hard Drives - Modern computer memory storage, without moving parts

South pole - The Antarctic

Sussex - A geographical area of England

The Terminator 1984 -

Them - Warner Bros movie 1954

Timothy Watson - British Army general MI6, secret service, stationed in Germany

Transport - A way to move objects from one location to another

Ultra Violet

Visibility - To be able to see objects

Welding - Joining metals using heat from burning gas, or electric arc (plasma flame) technology

Wishes - Something a person hopes might happen, even prays for

Xmas - Index of Christmas movies

X-rays - A kind of radiation that reveals details of solid objects, typically bones in humans

Ying Yang

Zero Carbon - Net Zero






JIMMY WATSON - His mother, Marion, teases her son about his dreams to build a large robot ant with a drawing of her son riding on the ant's back. Then it comes true.















Some of Jimmy Watson's friends, with the Magic Dinobot






THE MAGIC DINOBOT - From Jameson Hunter, an original TV series idea, germinated in 2016. Jimmy dreams of building a giant robot ant as a special project, then one day his dreams come true when the robot he has built is transformed into a living, breathing, companion. NOTE: This story is Copyright Jameson Hunter Ltd, March 30 2016. All rights reserved. You will need permission from the author to reproduce the book cover on the right or any part of the story published on this page.

















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